The foundation of Ballyhoo Printing & Design is an agricultural background brought by Gerri and John Campbell — we have been in the shoes of you and your customers! Gerri was raised on two of Montana’s most respected Angus ranches and remained very involved in her father, Gary Parker’s registered Angus operation, Shamrock Angus in Laramie, WY. Here she learned cattle, the Angus business and people.

 We now live with our two children, Adessa and Parker, on John’s fourth generation family farm near Utica. With his parents, Myron and Carol Campbell, brother Ted, his wife Nealy and their sons, Sawyer and Spencer, we raise commercial cattle, grain, hay and a handful of sheep. The time between printing, ranching and family is filled with the Bent Willows band gigs, featuring John and Adessa. John is the lead vocalist and bass player, Adessa plays fiddle, piano, rhythm guitar and sings, too. It all keeps us busy, but makes each part of what we do that much more enjoyable and complete.

Shamrock Angus catalogs were the first Gerri designed from her home office in 1995. Through the years and with varied projects, Gary had worked with several print shops that, no matter how good of a print shop, they simply didn’t understand cattle and the value of the catalog — the knowledge of what an EPD is, the “lingo” and that yes, the numbers DO have to be right and yes, it does need to be out on time! It was from this need that Gerri started preparing the private treaty booklets for Shamrock. A handful of other ranches soon joined in.

Due to health issues, the fellow that had been doing our printing was forced to sell his shop in 2000. In a weeks time and with a three month old baby in our arms, we decided to buy the print shop. With no actual printing experience, Gerri spent an intense month learning the basics of the printing business and running the machines. From there it was education by fire! Thanks to our ranching work ethic and John’s mechanical ability, we soon added a larger press, purchased and expanded into the larger part of our building and haven’t stopped growing for efficiency to serve our customer’s needs. John now often likes to remind me that this is no longer just a hobby!